The Scent of PappaRich // PappaRich

PappaRich is an authentic malaysian restaurant and international franchise who decided to take me on for a large project accompanying a fresh new opening of one of their branches. They wanted 5 large pieces of artwork that showed where PappaRich was on the global map.

Creative direction was very little, though I managed to come up with the idea of
‘The Scent of PappaRich’, incorporating the smooth and flowing imagery of ‘wind maps’, but instead of showing where wind moves on a global scale, it was to highlight which parts of the world had the scent of PappaRich.

Throughout, I used imagery of people eating food, using the idea of steam and scents of the food to direct the flow of the scents throughout the imagery, with the general flow going from left to right. I used ‘restaurant’ scenes to cover the larger continents, and smaller close-ups of food in the smaller countries and cities, to maintain a consistent scale.